How to use Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and Highlights helps correct lighting problems, providing a software fill light for underexposed areas and a dampener for overexposed highlights. It also allows for fine-tuning of your image with Saturation/Color and Contrast controls



  • The Shadow dropdown contains controls that create a fill light effect by lightening dark areas.
    • Fill sets the amount of fill light to add.
    • Range determines the cut off of brightness, below which the image is lightened. At its lowest setting, only the very darkest areas of the picture get fill light.
  • The Highlight dropdown contains controls that  dampen the brightest parts of the image.
    • Dampen sets the amount of bright spot reduction.
    • Range determines the cutoff of light intensity above which the light is dampened. At its lowest setting, only the very brightest areas of the picture get dampened.
  • Color adjusts the strength of colors in your image
  • Contrast adjusts the overall range of tones in your image.
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