Magnifying Glass

What it does: Magnifying Glass draws attention to specific item in the picture by enlarging it as under a glass lens.  Useful to draw attention to a detail in a shot, or emphasize one element.  Could also be used for tech support or training videos.

How to use it: Place this effect on the clip and increase Magnify and Size. Then change the Lens Position center the position over the area to be magnified. Next adjust the Shape, Size, Aspect Ratio, and Magnify values to properly magnify the desired area. Finally, adjust the Border group Color, Width, and Feather values if a border is desired around the magnified area.

  • The Placement group defines the position, size, and shape of the magnified area:
  • Lens Position sets the location of the magnification area. It should be centered over the area to be magnified
  • Magnify sets the amount to magnify the area. A value of 1 is no magnification at all. Magnification increases as this value is increased.
  • Shape sets shape of the area to be magnified. Options include Oval, Rectangle, and Diamond.
  • Size sets the size of the magnified area.
  • Aspect Ratio sets the aspect of the magnified area. Values less then 0 will be wider than tall while values greater than 0 will be taller than wide.
  • The Border group defines the border around the magnified area:
  • Color sets the color of the border
  • Width sets the width of the border.
  • Feather softens the edges of the border.
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