What it does: Turns the first scene into pieces of three-dimensional confetti that blow off the screen to reveal the second scene.

How to use it: Use the controls to change the confetti's properties and behavior.

  • Shading for a stronger 3D effect, control the amount of shading applied to individual confetti pieces as they face away from the camera.
  • Columns control the number of vertical columns that appear. Turn the dial to the right for fewer columns, to the left for more columns.
  • Rows control the number of horizontal rows that appear. Turn the dial to the right for fewer rows, to the left for more rows.
  • Power set the strength of the wind blowing the confetti. Turn the dial to the left for a mild breeze, to the right for a good gust.
  • Direction control the angle of the confetti rows and columns as they flow off the screen.
  • Flutter set the amount of spinning, twirling turmoil of the blowing confetti.
  • Check the Reverse box to make the second scene turn into confetti first.
  • Vacuum cause the confetti to separate and fly backward as if sucked instead of blown away.


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