3D Sliced Cubes

3D Sliced Cubes slices your first scene into what looks like a stack of spinning pizza boxes that combine to form your second scene.


  • Slices decide how many boxes to create. Turn the dial to the right for more slices, to the left for fewer slices.
  • Cohesion control the timing of the slices relative to each other. Turn all the way to the left to make the slices move one by one. Turn to the right to move them increasingly in unison.
  • Depth determine how far from the camera the boxes are when they begin to spin. Turn the dial to the left to start the boxes farther from the camera, to the right for closer to the camera.
  • Ebb & Flow cause the slices to alternately travel close and far away from the camera. Turn the dial to the left to increase the distance, to the right to decrease the distance.
  • Orientation orient the slices horizontally or vertically.
  • Fog give the scene a white glow. Turn the dial to the right for harshest glow, to the right for subtle or no glow.
  • Shine add a metallic sheen to the scene. (This is especially powerful when combined with Fog.)
  • Check Rotate right box to make the boxes spin to the right; uncheck it to make them spin to the left.
  • Click the Spread box to retain spacing between the slices. Uncheck the box for no spacing between the slices.
  • Check the Alternate box to have every other slice turn in the opposite direction.
  • Background set a background scene.
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