3D Fly Away

3D Fly Away makes the first scene fly and spin inward until it disappears to reveal the second scene.

Use the controls to adjust the behavior of the fly away.

  • Distance controls how far the first scene appears to fly away from the camera. Turn the dial to the left for a shorter distance, to the right for a longer distance.
  • Flight Target sets the position or use the X-Y axes in the background that the scene flies to.
  • Fog gives the scene a white glow. Turn the dial to the right for harshest glow, to the right for subtle or no glow.
  • Shine adds a metallic sheen to the scene. (This is especially powerful when combined with Fog.)
  • Check the Fade box to make the flying scene fade out as it goes away.
  • Check the Reverse box to make the new scene fly toward the camera.

The Drop Shadow group allows you to set the style and position of a shadow in order to make the image parts stand out against the background image the best.

  • Offset sets the distance of the shadow from the object.
  • Angle sets the direction the shadow is cast.
  • Blur controls the width of the shadow edge blur.
  • Color sets the color of the shadow
  • Opacity controls the transparency of the shadow.
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