What it does: Intensifies image colors while morphing from one clip to the next.

How to use it: Use the controls to set the transition's behavior.

  • Saturation set the vibrancy of the colors during the transition. Turn to the right for heavily saturated colors. Turn to the left for dull colors.
  • Brightness set the overall brightness of the picture. Turn to the right for a transition that washes out in the middle. Turn to the left for a darker transition.
  • Detail add lines that increase the definition of the image. Turn to the right to increase the number and intensity of lines. Turn to the left to decrease.
  • Blend set the mix of the original image with the saturated image.
  • Tempo set the speed at which the effect changes the image. For a sudden change, turn to the right. For a gradual introduction of the saturated image, turn to the left.
  • Cross Fade set the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the image from first to second clip. Turn to the left for an abrupt switch between images. Turn to the right for an increasingly gradual mix.
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