What it does: Contrast transitions between two clips while dramatically changing their contrast levels.

How to use it: Use the controls to specify the contrast transition behavior.

  • The Contrast knob sets the contrast strength. Turn the knob to the right for an increasingly dramatic ratio of dark to light (high contrast). Turn the knob to the left to mute the ratio between dark and light (low contrast). Center the knob for no change in contrast.
  • Center set the contrast center. This is a brightness level used as a reference for generating contrast. When a pixel is lighter than the contrast center, a high contrast sets it even lighter. When a pixel is darker than the contrast center, high contrast makes it even darker.
  • Tempo set the speed at which the effect changes the image. For a sudden change, turn to the right. For a gradual introduction of the contrast, turn to the left.
  • Cross Fade set the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the image from first to second clip. Turn to the left for an abrupt switch between images. Turn to the right for an increasingly gradual mix.
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