Pastel Sketch

What it does: Blends the picture with a color that you select and draws sharp lines around the edges, creating the effect of a painting in pastel colors with edges of objects drawn in a second color.

How to use it: Use the controls to create a pastel sketch effect.

  • Paper set the overall color of the paper. Use the color dropper to select a color directly from the video. Or, click on the color swatch to create or edit the color directly.
  • Ink set the color of the lines.
  • Density control the sensitivity for creating lines. Drag to the far left for little to no lines. Drag to the right to increase the number of lines.
  • Blend determine how to mix the original image with the Paper Color. The higher the Blend setting, the more the original picture passes through. Drag to the far right to mix up the original picture. Drag to the left for less of a mix.
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