Film Damage

What it does: Simulates the look of wear and tear on damaged film.

How to use it: Use the controls to achieve a damaged-film look.

  • Wear determine the effect of aging on film. Drag the control to the left for the look of relatively new film, to the right for older, worn-out film.
  • Pattern select any of seven wear patterns to apply to the scene: Wavy, Blotchy,  Grainy, Fine, Splotchy, Lite and Crackly.
  • Check the Blue Channel Only box to apply the damage only to the blue component of the image. (This simulates the outer film emulsion layer, which is blue, getting most of the weathering.)
  • Spots interject random small dirt spots and blemishes throughout the image. Drag the control to the left for fewer spots, to the right for more spots.
  • Density and Depth introduce vertical scratches in the film. Drag the Density control to the right for more scratches. (When the Depth control is dragged completely left, the scratches don't appear very deep. The more the dial is dragged to the right, the deeper the scratches appear to be.)
  • Check the Thick box for even thicker-looking scratches.
  • Check the Black and White boxes as desired for only black scratches, only white scratches, or a combination of black and white scratches.
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