Flicker simulates a fluctuating light source to create realistic lighting such as firelight or reflecting water.

First prepare the light source. This is the part of the video image from which the light should shine. To make it easier, enable the Setup control, and then adjust the Light and Fade parameters to isolate the portion of the picture that will source the flicker. Once the Light and Fade is ready, disable Setup and design the light behavior with the Animation control group.

  • The Light group sets up the intensity and shape of the light projected on the image.
    • Fill adjusts the fill strength of the light within the flickering area. Higher values add additional fill lighting by increasing the brightness in the flickering area.
    • Brightness sets the over all light level of the image.
    • Contrast sets the image contrast. Above 0 increases contrast, for darker darks and lighter lights. Below 0 reduces contrast, resulting in a duller image.
    • Saturation adjusts the color strength. At 0, the colors remain unchanged. Turn down Saturation to remove color; turn it up to enhance the colors.
    • Tint color picker sets the tint color of the flickering area.
    • Tint control adjusts the strength of the flickering tint. At 0, there's no tint. At higher values, the  image becomes more tinted. At lower values, the tint becomes inversed.
  • The Fade group sets up the angle and shape of the light emanating from the image.
    • Center lets you move the area of the flicker around
    • Radius changes the size of the flickering area.
    • Feather softens the edge of the flickering area.
    • Darken allows making the area outside of the flicker darker. This could assist in making the flicker more visible if the area was brightly lit.
  • The Animation group sets random noise to make the light flicker and move.
    • Rate determines how quickly the flickering light will change. Increase this value to make the light flicker faster.
    • Min Level sets the minimum intensity of the flickering light. If set to 100, the flickering light will remain full intensity. By lowering this value, the flicker will change from full intensity down to the minimum intensity level.
    • Strength sets the strength of the animation effect. Lowering this value will also lower the intensity of the flicker.
  • Set Up makes it much easier to design the light source. Turn on Set Up, then work on the parameters in the Light Source and Shimmer groups. Once these are ready, disable Set Up.
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