Twirl rapidly twists the first scene into a swirling image, then unwinds it to reveal the second scene.

Use the controls to set the center point of the twist, the direction and amount of twist, and other parameters.

  • Twist sets the direction and distance of the twisting motion. At the center point, it does nothing. Turn to the right to increasingly twist to the right. Or, turn to the left to increasingly twist to the left.
  • Zoom causes the image to zoom in or out during the transition. At the center point, it does not zoom. Turn to the left to zoom out or turn to the right to zoom in.
  • Distort causes the image to distort wildly as it twists.
  • Blur adds some focus blur to the image during the transition.
  • Set the center point of the twist with the Center control.
  • Cross Fade sets the percentage of the transition that includes a cross fade of the image from first to second clip. Turn to the left for an abrupt switch between images. Turn to the right for an increasingly gradual mix.
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