Liquify distorts the image while transitioning between scenes. The first scene melts into goop from which the second scene emerges.

Use the controls to set the distortion behavior.

    • Amplitude controls the amount of distortion applied to your image.  
    • Smooth change the distortion from a tight representation of your image’s luminance to a smoother and more abstract result, giving it a type of ‘liquid’ look.
    • Motion sets the direction of the distortion over the course of the transition. The choices are Clockwise, Counter Clockwise or Linear.
    • Distortion Source chooses which image to use as the distortion map. The pixels in the image provide a map to generate the distortion. 
    • Distortion Control determines the channels to use from the image in order to create the distortion map. For example, Intensity + Hue applies the image’s intensity and hue to distort the image. With this choice a bright orange image distorts in one direction while a dark green image warps in a different manner and direction.
    • Attack controls how fast the transition move from start to full effect.
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