Paper Collage

Paper Collage remakes the video image into layers of colored paper.

Set the paper cutting parameters, choose the colors to paint with, and set the direction, color, and strength of the shadows.

  • Rounding sets the smoothness of the paper cutting curves.
  • Layers determines how many layers of paper to use.
  • Balance controls the range of the slicing between bright and dark subjects. Adjust Balance to get the right look.
  • Foreground sets the color to use for the brightest paper slices, which end up on the top of the collage.
  • Background sets the color for the darkest paper slices, which end up at the bottom of the collage.
  • Blend Colors controls the mix of Foreground and Background colors with the colors from the video itself.
  • Contrast increases the contrast between the lightest and darkest shades of paper.
  • Distance sets the height of each paper layer above the paper below it.
  • Angle controls the angle to throw a shadow from one layer to the next.
  • The Shadow color chooses a color to paint the shadow of one layer on another.
  • The Shadow control sets the strength of the Shadow color.
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