Applying Stabilizer

To access Stabilizer, browse your Effects folder. Navigate over to Video Effects>NewBlue Essentials. 

Double-click or drag and drop Stabilizer to the clip in the timeline you want to stabilize.

You will see an “Analysis Required” banner over your footage that lets you know footage analysis has not been done.

To run an Analysis, navigate over to the Effect Controls window and click on the “Setup...” icon to open the Stabilizer interface.

Step 1: Clip Analysis

Stabilizer works using two different steps. It first analyzes your footage for motion and then allows you to set smoothing and crop settings.

The first step is to set the Motion Emphasis dials. Set the Slow/Fast dial to help stabilizer further identify the dominant object you want to stabilize. Move the dials toward the slow setting for objects that move slowly in the picture, for example a horizon line shot from a moving boat. The Faster setting is helpful for more chaotic movement, such as following a flying bird with a handheld camera.

Use the Center/Edge dial to indicate whether the point of stabilization is more toward the center or the edge of the picture. For example if it's a shot with the subject in the middle of the frame while the camera is walking ahead of it, then the stabilization should analyze the center of the frame. If it's a break-dance performance with a bunch of action in the middle, then analyzing the edges is a better option to keep the stabilization smooth.

The tracking points will adjust in real-time on the preview window to the right. The white tracking points indicate points which stabilizer will use to determine the picture trajectory. The orange points are data that will not be considered for stabilization, in response to the Slow/Fast and Center/Edge choices you made earlier.

The Strength knob increases or decreases the amount of points being considered for stabilization analysis. The speed of analysis is correlated to the strength you have set, the higher the strength dial is turned up, the longer analysis will take.

Low Strength

High Strength

Click on the “Analyze” button to begin footage analysis.

Your footage will now be analyzed. This will take a moment.  

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