Video Tuneup Plus

Video Tuneup Plus is a versatile image adjustment plugin which brings together all the fundamental color and luminance controls into one toolset. Adjust Contrast, Brightness, Saturation and Hue while inspecting your results with on-screen scopes.

There is no right order to working with the controls in Video Tuneup Plus. However, it is helpful to first increase or decrease Contrast before you attempt to adjust Contrast Center.

  1. Turn on the Video Scope of your choosing to give you information you desire to work with, whether it be the Vector scope for saturation and hue or the Waveform for luminance levels.
  2. Adjust the Contrast to your liking and then tweak the Contrast Center to balance your luminance signal in the middle of your Waveform.
  3. Adjust Saturation and Hue to your desired color result.

  • Contrast extends or squashes your overall luminance level around the Contrast Center so that you maximize the use of the entire luminance spectrum for the most impactful images.
  • Contrast Center moves the center point of where Contrast pivots around, like a teeter totter. As the Contrast Center is moved into the negative values, Highlights will react more intensely than Shadows when the Contrast control is used. Conversely, if the Contrast Center is moved into the positive values, Shadows will react more intensely than Highlights when the Contrast control is used.
  • Brightness increases or decreases the entire luminance spectrum up or down, without affecting the shape of the luminance curve.
  • Saturation increases or decreases the “intensity” of all colors in your picture.
  • Hue shifts the colors in your image around the color spectrum.
  • Video Scopes allows you to project one of three scopes on your preview so that you can see how your gamma adjustments are affecting your picture.
    • Vector - Color displays saturation information with the addition of color being shown in the scope display.
    • Waveform shows the luminance levels of your picture from black or shadow levels at the bottom to white or highlight levels at the top.
    • Histogram shows the spread and quantity of pixels from black or shadow levels toward the left side to white or highlight levels toward the right side. This scope also separates out three channels of Red, Green and Blue and the combination of all three as combined luminance represented by White.
    • All Three displays the three available video scopes while reducing your video picture to one quarter of the preview for easy viewing.
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