Detail by Luma

Detail by Luma allows you to apply a detail enhancing effect to select regions of your picture, determined by luminance, or otherwise known as highlights and shadows. Detail applied to Highlight areas can be controlled separately from detail applied to Shadow areas.

The area of your picture which will be affected by the detail effect is determined by the Threshold controls in in the Highlights and Shadows sections.

  1. Increase the Strength slider until you can see the effect working.
  2. Increase or decrease the Threshold value to include more or less or your highlights (or shadows) area.
  3. Optionally use the Show Mask drop-down so you can easily see what area of your picture is being included in the Highlight or Shadow areas.
  4. Dial in the amount of Strength and Halo until you achieve the desired look. Both of these controls affect each other, so experiment with one at a lesser setting while the other is at a greater setting.

  • Highlights section of controls the detail effect within the highlight area of your image only.
  • Shadows section of controls the detail effect within the shadows area of your image only.
  • Strength controls the amount of the detail effect being applied to the highlight or shadow region of your picture respectively.
  • Halo controls the amount of contrast within the region of the effect.
  • Threshold determines the amount of highlight or shadow area which will be included in the detail effect. A higher number means more highlight or shadow will be included. A lower number means less of your highlights or shadows will be included. NOTE – Using both Threshold values beyond 50 can make a “doubling” of the detailing effect, which will produce extreme results.
  • Cleanup smooths the shadow area only to compensate for any video noise that might have been intensified in the shadow areas.
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