How to use Auto Contrast

Auto Contrast performs hidden calculations to automatically adjust the contrast and vibrance of each frame in your shot to near-perfect levels, regardless of their starting levels. This is useful for fast turnaround environments, as it saves you the need to manually adjust the values in each clip. Additionally, Auto Contrast is a useful tool for achieving well-balanced visuals in clips with changes in levels (i.e. shifting clouds, walking from inside to outside, etc…) without tedious keyframing.

Simply place the Auto Contrast effect on any clip whose contrast levels you would like to fix. The controls can be used to make further tweaks to your levels. Auto Contrast also includes a Vibrance slider, so that you can make all related adjustments from a single place.



  • Intensity increases the relative strength of the automatic contrast for each frame. If you see little or no effect, that means the image already has high contrast.
  • Vibrance is a special type of saturation that boosts natural tones without appearing harsh. You can also decrease it if you want the image to appear duller.
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