Enhance image quality with Detail by Chroma

Use the Detail by Chroma effect to enhance details in an area of a scene that has or doesn’t have a particular color. For example, objects in scenes with low light can appear flat and textureless, but with Detail by Chroma, you can target an object by its color and adjust the contrast between light and dark areas to emphasize the object. You can also invert the effect and target areas that don’t match a particular color range.

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Video of Detail by Chroma in action

Steps to use Detail by Chroma

  1. Apply the Detail by Chroma effect to a scene in your video editor.
  2. In the Detail by Chroma settings, click the Color picker color-picker.png, then select a dominant color in an area of a scene that you want to add detail to. Try and pick a color in the middle of the color range you are targeting.

    Tip: To omit the selected color from the effect, mark the Invert checkbox.


  3. Adjust the Range value to include more or fewer colors.

    Tip: To see how much of the scene is impacted by the color and range you selected, mark the Show Mask checkbox, then adjust the range and color if necessary.

  4. Adjust the Strength value to change the intensity of the contrast between light and dark areas. A greater value creates more contrast.
  5. Adjust the Definition value to change the width of contrast points. A greater value creates a broader halo at points of contrast.
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