Remove camera flash with Flash Remover Pro

While a camera flash can help set a scene's mood, flashes can also draw attention away from the main focus of a scene. Use the Flash Remover Pro effect to remove camera flashes from live event footage such as weddings and social events.

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Steps to use Flash Remover Pro

  1. Apply the Flash Remover Pro effect to a scene in your video editor.
  2. In the Flash Remover Pro settings, adjust the Sensitivity value to determine how Flash Remover Pro interprets sudden changes in brightness as a flash. A greater value increases Flash Remover Pro's sensitivity to bright areas.

    Note: To ensure objects and lighting in a scene are not mistaken for a camera flash, preview the video as you adjust the Sensitivity value. For example, if you set the sensitivity to 100 and the video suddenly pans to a white dress, Flash Remover Pro may mistake the white dress for a flash. In that case, reduce the sensitivity until Flash Remover Pro ignores the frames with the white dress.


  3. Adjust the Max Frames value to determine the number of consecutive frames that will be fixed. For example, if a flash appears on three consecutive frames and the Max Frames value is 2, Flash Remover Pro removes only the two frames that have the strongest flash.


    • When Flash Remover Pro detects frames with a flash, Flash Remover Pro replaces those frames with frames that it replicates from before and after the flash.
    • Higher Max Frames values may cause the video to stutter. Use the lowest value that is needed to remove flashes and maintain a smooth video.
  4. Mark the Test mode checkbox to view an overlay on frames where Flash Remover Pro detects a flash, then play the video to see those frames.

    A red X overlay identifies frames that will be replaced to remove a flash.


    A blue X identifies frames where Flash Remover Pro detects a flash but will not replace the frame because the Max Frames setting is too low. To fix frames that have a blue X, increase the value in the Max Frames setting.


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