How to use Pixelator

Pixelator replaces an oval area on the screen with large colored blocks or a blurred surface, obscuring the underlying image. This can be used to obscure a face or product logo to maintain anonymity much faster than traditional masking procedures.

Position the pixelator over an area to obscure (like a face), adjust the width and height of the oval to fit, and then set the block size and blurring. If more than one object or face in the video needs to be pixelated, simply apply more than one instance of the effect. The effect region can be animated and adjusted over time using keyframes.



  • The Center control positions the pixelator oval over the object (usually a face) to hide.
  • The Width and Height controls set the shape of the pixelator oval.
  • Block Size sets the size of the image blocks.
  • Blur allows you to blur the pixelated blocks, creating a softer censoring effect.
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