Blur and smooth elements with Selective Touch Up

Use the Selective Touch Up effect to blur and smooth areas in an image to remove imperfections or to increase the focus on another area in a shot. For example, you can smooth skin imperfections, film grain, and video noise while maintaining sharp detail in other areas of an image.

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Video of Selective Touch Up in action

Steps to use Selective Touch Up

  1. Apply the Selective Touch Up effect to a scene in your video editor.
  2. In the Selective Touch Up settings, expand the Mask section and complete one of the following steps:

    • To touch up the entire area of an image, clear the Enabled checkbox (which is marked by default).
    • To touch up a specific area of an image, mark the Enabled checkbox and mark the Show Mask checkbox so you can see the area in the image that will be affected. Then, adjust the following settings to change the position and shape of the mask.
      • Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right — Controls the horizontal and vertical position of the mask's four points.
      • Curve — Adds a curved shape to the mask.
      • Feather — Softens the edge of the mask and blends the boundary between areas that are out of focus and in focus.
      • Invert — Reverses the areas that are affected and are not affected by the mask.


  3. Clear the Show Mask checkbox.
  4. Adjust the Smoothing value to make the mask more or less smooth.
  5. Adjust the Blend value to refine the image's appearance and blend the smoothed image with the unsmoothed image.
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