How to use Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow creates a drop shadow for overlays. Use this with any keying effect or animated matte for truly stunning layered looks.

Use the controls to adjust the behavior of the fly away.

  • Distance controls how far the first scene appears to fly away from the camera. Turn the dial to the left for a shorter distance, to the right for a longer distance.
  • Flight Target sets the position or use the X-Y axes in the background that the scene flies to.
  • Fog gives the scene a white glow. Turn the dial to the right for harshest glow, to the right for subtle or no glow.
  • Shine adds a metallic sheen to the scene. (This is especially powerful when combined with Fog.)
  • Check the Fade box to make the flying scene fade out as it goes away.
  • Check the Reverse box to make the new scene fly toward the camera
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