How to use Garbage Matte

Garbage Matte allows you to define an area around your image to remove any unwanted items from view. This is especially useful for chromakey footage where there are items visible on the sides of the frame.

Place this effect on the clip, set your Shape, then use Curve and Feather to adjust the edges of the image. Then apply an effect like Chroma Key or Luma Key and the unwanted items will not be visible.

  • The Shape group lets you adjust the four corners of the Garbage Matte.
  • Curve sets the roundness of your Shape. With Curve set to 100, your shape will be an oval. With Curve set to 0, your shape will be a rectangle.
  • Feather blurs the edges of the Garbage Matte. Turn Feather up to create a soft edge to the shape. Turn it down for a sharp edge.
  • Enabling the Invert option removes everything inside the shape area that you have defined.
  • Check the Enable option to turn on the Garbage Matte.
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