How to use Luma Key

Luma Key creates a mask from light, so you can key out either bright or dark areas of an image. You can create a mask of luminance or color for alpha transparencies.

Place this effect on the clip and click on Show Mask to see the affected area. Adjust the Threshold, Contrast, Soften, and Invert as desired to get proper mask. Then uncheck Show Mask and keyed area will allow other clip/images to show through the keyed area.

  • Threshold sets the sensitivity to the dark or light colors.
  • Contrast sets the image contrast. Above 0 increases contrast, for darker darks and lighter lights. Below 0 reduces contrast, resulting in a duller image.
  • Soften blurs the boundaries between processed and unprocessed image.
  • Invert reverses the luma key so it will key out dark areas instead of bright areas.
  • Enable the Show Mask option to see the image as a black and white mask. This makes it much easier to calibrate the affected area.
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