How to use Split Screen

Split Screen elegantly divides your image in a few clicks for compositing — no messy math required!

Split Screen is intended to be used on a foreground clip atop a background clip. Start by adjusting Split Center and Split Angle to get a feel for how the screen can be divided. If the foreground clip's subject is aligned incorrectly, adjust Shift and Crop to correct its positioning. Then, customize the dividing line for a finishing touch. Try the presets for a plethora of great starting points!

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  • For a beginner, this is of no help at all! Please post how to video tutorials - I've got a potentially great product and don't know how to use half of the tools with no help from Magix. Anywhere apart from laborious forums that you can improve on this? There's no point unless you show non-professionals how to use your products

  • Thanks for your feedback, Gareth. You can find a video tutorial on working with Split Screen here:

  • pourtant habitué de longue date à vdl, je n'ai rien compris sur split screen !!

  • Hi Jean Claude, please submit a support request with any specific questions you have so we can help.

    Bonjour Jean Claude, soumettez une demande de support avec toutes les questions spécifiques que vous avez pour que nous puissions vous aider.

  • Bonjour,

    Je ne parviens pas à utiliser la fonction split screen avec Magix.
    Lorsqu'une vidéo est 'splitée', la partie noire reste noire et ne permet pas la superposition d'autres vidéos.
    Est-il possible d'avoir une aide sur ce point ?


  • nessuno è in grado di spiegare con un tutorial l'utilizzo di split screen divisione schermo

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