Wirecast Setup

Titler Live Broadcast lets you add titles directly inside Wirecast.

To add a title, head over to the Shot Bin and click on the + icon. 

A new Titler Express source will be generated.

Click OK to add the shot to your bin.


Expand the collapsible options menu on the left-hand side of the interface to reveal your shot layers. The menu can also be opened by double-clicking on the Titler source.

Click on the Properties tab to reveal the Titler Live 2 Properties panel. Click on the "Configure" button to open the Titler Live Broadcast interface.

To learn more about the Titler Live Interface, see Titler Live Interface

Titler Live Broadcast comes with a variety of Lower Thirds, Main Titles and Scoreboards. Additional template packs can be purchased separately.

Make sure you make your Title source live in Wirecast before you push a title live.

Click on the Go Live button to make your push your title live. The button will turn red when a title is currently live. 

You can set title play behaviors using Action Buttons or Auto-Play modes. For more information, see Action Buttons.


Adding Titler Live as an NDI Receiver

Titler Live allows you to add an instance of Titler Live as an NDI receiver. This feature lets a user control the Titler Live receiver source remotely while another person focuses on controlling the Wirecast interface.

Note: This feature is only available in Titler Live Advance, Ultimate, and Broadcast.

  1. In the Titler Live Interface, click Settings > Device > NDI
  2. Click the second circle next to the title you want to queue up until it turns yellow to indicate it is ready to be used
After you do that, your NewBlue computer should appear as a source when you click on one of the + buttons, under the “Capture Devices” list.

An instance of Titler Live as a receiver should show up as a source. Push it live to enable the Titler Live operator to make changes to titles in real time.


Stacking Titles in Wirecast

To stack titles in Wirecast, simply repeat the process of adding a Titler Live source from your source settings. Launch the Title Live UI to see a second playlist added to your interface. 


You can then return to Wirecast and add a second Titler Live source to your Master sources by clicking on the add source icon and selecting "Add Titler Source 02 Shot"


A second Titler Source should appear and be able to stack with your previous Titler Live source.


Once they are both live, they can be operated through the Titler Live interface and used simultaneously.


To learn more about the Titler Live user interface, see Titler Live Interface

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