Basic Game Tool Workflow

Creating a functioning live game clock in Titler Live takes only a few steps. This tool allows you to live update a Game Clock as well as score variables.


Step 1:

Open Titler Live and select a template. For this example, we will use a sample created specifically for a game clock with variable fields labeled Clock 1 and Clock 2.


This is important because the Game Tool will look for these variables when sending the live score feed.

Step 2:

Open up the Game Tool by going to View> Game Tool. For more information on the Game Tool interface, see Game Tool


Step 3:

Click on the "Promote variables from template" button to select and Import your Template's variables for quick access.


Step 4:

Set The Digit count and your desired time. The Template's lock should update instantly. 


Step 5:

Click on the Play button to start your countdown. You can check the "Count Up" checkbox to make the clock count up rather than down.

For more information on the Game Tool Interface, see Game Tool


Now you're ready to take control of your game and scores all through Titler Live.

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