Alignment Options

The Alignment menu allows you to quickly fix the alignment of your paragraphs. Simply select the paragraphs you want to align and choose whether you want to align them to objects or align them to frame.


You can access alignment options from the Alignment menu or from the workspace area by right-clicking on a paragraph or group of paragraphs.


Align to frame gives you the option to quickly align a paragraph or paragraphs relative to your frame. You can quickly align paragraphs to Center, Horizontally or Vertically.


Video: Align to Frame

Object Alignment

Object alignment is available when working with multiple paragraphs. You can align different objects relative to each other. You may align lefts, centers, right as well as top middle and bottom.  You also have the option to distribute objects horizontally and vertically.


Aligning objects left will align all objects to the farthest left position of a title. Center alignment will align objects to the center of the frame and align objects right will align objects to the rightmost position of a title.

Video: Align Objects Left

Top, middle and bottom alignment work the same way, using the paragraph highest in the frame, in middle of the frame or the bottom of the frame as the baseline for alignment.

Video: Align Middle



Vertical and Horizontal object distribution evenly distributes your paragraphs in relation to each other whether you choose to distribute them vertically or horizontally.

Video: Distribute Objects

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