Titler Live Shortcuts

Titler Live Interface
Open Title Ctrl+O
Open Template Ctrl + Shft + O
New Title Ctrl+N
New Template Ctrl + Shft + N
Save Ctrl+S
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Copy Ctrl+C
Delete Del/Backspace
Close Titler Live Interface Ctrl+Q
Auto Live ON or OFF Ctrl + L
Move up or down in the Playlist Up or Down Arrow
Set title to be next to receive an action Enter
Back to last title Left Arrow
Transition IN or OUT Right Arrow
Transition to next title with OUT and IN Ctrl + Click title or Enter
Transition to next Title, Skipping the Out Alt + Click Title or Enter
Transition to next title without animation Shft + Click Title or Enter
Go to next Variable Field Tab


Title Designer Workspace
Additional Edit Options Right-Click
Move Paragraph in X and Y Alt+Arrow
Move Cursor One Letter Left/Right Arrow
Move Cursor One Word Ctrl+L/R Arrow
Move Cursor to Beginning of Text Line Home
Move Cursor to End of Text Line End
Disable Snapping Position to Guides or Grid Alt+Drag Position
Select Multiple Sequential Characters Shift+Arrow
Select Multiple Sequential Words Shift+Ctrl+Arrow
Pin the Opposite Edge/Corner When Dragging a Resize Alt+Drag Scale
Reverse Aspect Control When Dragging a Resize Shift+Drag Scale
Duplicate a Paragraph Ctrl+Drag Position
Pin the Opposite Edge/Corner and Reverse Aspect Control When Dragging a Resize Alt+Shift+Drag


Title Designer Timeline
Additional Edit Options Right-Click
Frame Forward Right Arrow
Frame Back Left Arrow
Play Backward (x1,2,3) J
Pause K
Play Forward L
Multi-Select Paragraphs Ctrl+Click
Trim a Paragraph in the Timeline with All Transitions and Keyframes Stretching. Alt+Drag


Title Designer Video Trimmer
Trim Video Texture In and Out in the Video Trimmer UI I & O
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