Text & Guidelines Toolbar

Picking Fonts

Select fonts from the Text Toolbar. Select your font family, size and style. You can choose from any of the fonts installed on your computer.  


Controlling Alignment and Layout

Justify your text or assign vertical alignment from the drop-down menu.


Fix character kerning by selecting an individual character and dragging it left or right. Fix text tracking by selecting a paragraph and adjusting the values in the kerning adjustment box. Paragraph tracking and character kerning are adjusted by using the same tool.


For more information on selecting paragraphs and individual characters, see Selecting Paragraphs and Characters.

Video: Text Kerning


Titler Live lets you choose from three fit modes to help you manage text. Fit modes control the space in which characters are typed, like a traditional text bounding box. It is best to pick one before you start typing. They also set the boundaries in which alignment and justification are applied to your text.


Fit Box to Text

Expands bounding box of your text as you type. This is the standard setting. Alignment and justification adjustments will only work when more than one line of text is in a paragraph. This is because the top line of text dictates how big the text area is.


This is a paragraph with two lines with justification to the right.


Fit Text to Box

Fits text to the bounding box as you type by automatically adjusting its size and word wrap as you type. This ensures your text does not go outside your set boundary. Create a wide bounding box and select a text justification setting.  


This title has been justified right and stays within the box boundaries.

Fit Text to Box Width

Fits text to width of bounding box. This ensures that your text does not run over your set boundaries on the right and left, but allows vertical growth. This is great for long credits.


This text has been justified center and fits within the width set by the bounding box.

Video: Fit Modes


Working With Grids and Guidelines

Titler Live gives you the ability to work with Grids and Guidelines. Enable or disable Marking Grids, rulers and Safe Margins by toggling the respective button. When turned on, snapping occurs. Disable snapping by holding the alt key.


Marking Grid

Clicking on the Marking Grid button will display a grid on the workspace area in Title Designer. This grid allows you to adjust the alignment of your title easily. Press Ctrl (or Command) + E to toggle Marking grid on/off.


Video: Snapping


Click on the ruler button to view the ruler and guidelines. This lets you precisely align titles to your liking. Press Ctrl (or Command) + R to toggle the ruler on and off.

  • To add a guideline click in the ruler area and drag into the workspace. The top ruler produces horizontal lines and the left ruler produces vertical lines.

  • To move an existing guideline, drag its position from within the ruler area.

  • To remove an existing guideline, click and drag it back to the ruler area.


Video: Ruler and Guidelines

Safe Margins

View safe margins by clicking on the "Toggle Safe Margins" button to turn them on/off. Configure safe margin settings under the View menu. You can select to view safe margins for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, or see crosshairs. Press Ctrl (or Command) + T to toggle safe margins on and off.


Video: Safe Margins

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