Attributes Area

The Attributes area allows you to set the position, rotation scale and style of your title. Orient paragraphs in the Object tab by using a slider or by typing in specific values. The Style tab controls the aesthetics, like color, gradient and textures. Finally, Effect and Transitions tabs lets you modify the parameters of any effect or transition that has been added from the Library.


Orienting Text in the Object Tab

You can set the orientation of your text from the Objects tab. Click and drag the sliders left or right to change the values of each of the Rotation, Position and Scale sliders. The changes will be made in real time. Check the Workspace area to monitor any changes you have made.


Styling Text in the Style Tab

The Style tab is a vital tool in the title creation process. This is where you can select colors, gradients and textures to breathe life into your titles.  


Select a color from the color picker to change the color of your paragraph.



Working with Effects and Transitions

Using effects and transitions in Titler Live is easy. Browse effects and transitions in the Library by mousing over and double clicking them to apply effects and transitions to a paragraph. You may also click and drag an effect or transition down to a paragraph in the timeline to apply.


See the effect or transition parameters under the corresponding effects or transitions tab in the Attributes area. You can modify the effect and transition parameters, add animations and set their order.


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