Timeline Area

In the Timeline area, you can add paragraphs and shapes as well as control their visibility in time. You can also control the layer order of your paragraphs and control the duration of your project. Elastic Timeline can also be enabled in the Timeline area.

Adding Text or Shapes

Click on "Add Paragraph" in the Timeline area to add a new paragraph layer or double click in the Workspace area. Type in your text and start working on a title, or click on "Add Shape" and select a shape from the drop-down menu to create a new paragraph with that shape. Adding a shape when a paragraph is selected will insert the shape into the paragraph. This makes it easy to add graphical elements into your titles, which can be styled in all the same ways that text can.


You may also re-label paragraphs by double-clicking on their name. This is handy for organizing your work.


Moving Text in Time

Change a paragraph's position in time by clicking and dragging the paragraph left or right on its track. This will determine at what point in time the paragraph will appear. This makes it easy to assign in and out points for each paragraph. You can trim and extend paragraphs by dragging their ends left or right.


Creating Flexible Durations with Elastic Timeline

Enabling Elastic Timeline allows you to change the duration of a title in your video editor timeline without compromising the integrity of video animations. Titler Pro will automatically adjust the title to fit your desired length while keeping the originally intended animation timing of your title.


When Elastic Timeline is enabled, you will see two editable time fields appear. On the right, you will see a time where your playhead is currently located and an adjustable title time. This adjustable time will let you set the length of your title clip in your video editing software and can be set to any length you want.


On the left is the time where the playhead is currently located and an editable field for the template length. This editable time controls the  length of the template in Titler Pro. 


For more information, see Elastic Timeline.


Ordering Layers

Titler Pro gives you the ability to change the order of paragraph layers. Simply click and drag a layer up or down to a different track to change its layer positioning in the timeline.


On the left hand side of the track, you'll find an eye icon that lets you turn layers on and off.

The triangle icon lets you expand or collapse information about a paragraph, including any applied effects or transitions.


To learn more about effects and transitions, see Effects and Transitions.


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