Aspect Ratio (LetterBox)

Quickly and easily gets rid of video borders that might frame the video, causing problems, for example, with transitions, picture in picture, or rendering to streaming formats that do not need video overscan.
Set the horizontal and vertical crop width to obliterate the offending edges, then choose one of four crop styles.
  • Horiz Crop sets the width of the cropping on the left and right sides of the picture.
  • Vert Crop sets the width of the cropping on the top and bottom of the picture.
  • Choose how to crop with the Crop Style menu:
    • Scale stretches the picture to cover the borders.
    • Overlay crops the image and places a stretched copy of it underneath the cropped image, so the borders are filled with the same image.
    • Extend crops the image and extends the edge pixels out to the border.
    • Transparent crops the image and leaves the borders transparent so a separate image can be placed behind on a background track.
  • Use the Feather control in conjunction with Overlay and Transparent modes to smooth the edge between the cropped image and the border background.
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