Tilt Shift (rack focus)

Create depth of field in your video to spotlight a particular region.
Designate a ribbon of the image that should stay in focus with the Center and Angle controls. Set the range of the focus area with the Spread and Blend controls and adjust the out of focus blur with the Defocus control.  
Tilt Shift works by defining a ribbon of clear focus that cuts across the image at any position or angle. It then blurs the image as it gets farther from the ribbon. Modeled on the concept of tilt-shift, this may seem to be an unusual  approach, but it tends to be remarkably effective.
  • Defocus sets the amount of focus blur.
  • Center sets the center point of the in-focus ribbon.
  • Angle set the direction of the in-focus ribbon.
  • Spread sets the width of the in-focus ribbon.
  • Blend sets the rate of blending between the clear ribbon and the out of focus area outside it.
  • Exposure increases the light level in a non-linear way. This is helpful for creating the look of miniatures.
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