Vignette provides a rich set of options for creating soft edged vignettes in many shapes and sizes.

Control the Shape, Frame, and Border (the soft edge between the inside and the frame) characteristics.

  • The Shape controls set the shape and position of the vignette:
    • Position places the center of the vignette. Typically, this is the center of the screen.
    • Style determines the vignette shape. Options include Ellipse and Rectangle, as well as some fun shapes including Heart and Binoculars.
    • Width sets the width of the vignette.
    • Height sets the height of the vignette.
    • Rotation sets the rotation of the vignette shape.
  • The Frame controls set the color and translucence of the frame surrounding the vignette:
    • Color sets the frame color.
    • Opacity sets the transparency. When the frame is not opaque, the image from an underlying composite track comes through.
  • The Border controls set the texture of the vignette edge:
    • Width sets the width of the soft vignette edge.
    • Grain adds noise to the soft border.
    • Grain Size controls the size of the noise particles.
    • Flickering determines whether the noise particles change with every frame or stay the same.
    • Soft Focus adds an out of focus blur to the edge of the vignette.
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