Image Mapper

Image Mapper makes it easy to superimpose a smaller image within your scene, and you can even curve the edges for flexible shapes.

Image Mapper can generally be used on a foreground clip positioned atop a relatively static background clip, such as a seated crowd watching a football game's jumbotron. First, adjust the Corner Position controls to make the clip fit. The edges can vary angles so correcting perspective skew is easy. Then, adjust the Edge Curve controls for the finishing touches.

  • The Corner Position group lets you adjust the four corners of the image.
  • The Edge Curve group contains:Top, Bottom, Left, and Right adjust each respective side's curve. Lower values curve inwards, while higher values curve outwards. This is useful for matching organic-looking screens with imperfect edges like vintage televisions and other slanted surfaces.Increasing
  • Crop zooms into the image. This can add emphasis to the subject.
  • Aspect Ratio fine-tunes the image dimensions. Lower values expand vertically while higher values expand horizontally. Extreme values can be keyframed to create complementary transitions, such as a screen being switched on and taking a few seconds to appear correct.
  • Shift moves the mapped image up, down, left or right. Use this to move the mapped image without individually tracking each point.
  • Edge Blur softens the edge of the image being mapped. This can make the transition between the foreground and background clips appear seamless.
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