Dual Booster

What it does: Dual  Booster provides an innovative way to independently affect darker and lighter parts of an image, going from subtle enhancements to artistic expression.

How to use it: Try different presets to get an immediate idea of the varied impacts Dual Booster can have on your image, then adjust the controls to taste.

  • The Balance group defines where and how the image's luminance is split between the Dark and Light bands:
  • Center at lower values favors the Light band, while higher values favor the Dark band
  • Blend sets how gradual the crossover between the Dark and Light bands is. A Blend of 0 appears steeper and harsher than a Blend of 100.
  • Both the Dark and Light bands provide these two controls:
  • Color adjusts the band's amount of color.
  • Brightness adjusts the band's brightness.
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