Reflection introduces a gentle reflection, including water ripples, great for compositing, titles, and more.

  • The Shape group defines the position, size, and rotation of the original clip:
    • Center sets the location of the original clip display.
    • Width sets the width of the original clip display.
    • Height sets the height of the original clip display. Height and width can be adjusted separately allowing any portion of the clip to be selected without having to maintain the same aspect of the original image.
    • Rotate allows the clip to be rotated around the Y-axis creating depth to the image and reflection.
  • The Image group defines the part of the image to be viewed and scaling of the image:
    • Shift moves the frame around inside the area created by the Shape group.
    • Scale sets the scale of the original image. Set to 1, the image is original size. Settings below 1 reduce the size of the image while settings above 1 increase the size of the image.
  • The Reflection group defines the starting time for the counter:
    • Position sets distance between the original clip and the reflection. The smaller the number, the higher the reflection. The larger the number, the lower the reflection. If made small enough, the reflection will actually be above the clip!.
    • Opacity sets the opacity level of the reflection. Set to 0, there is no reflection. Set to 100 it is fully opaque.
    • Fade sets how much the reflection will fade. Set to 0, there is no fade. Set to 100, only a tiny sliver of the reflection will remain.
  • The Background group defines how the area behind the clip and reflection will appear:
    • Feather sets how much the clip and reflection will feather into the background.
    • Color sets the background color.
    • Opacity sets the opacity level of the background color. Set to 0, the background will be transparent. Set to 100, the background color will be solid.
  • The Ripples group creates a water ripple in the reflection.
    • Amplitude sets the height of the water ripples.
    • Length sets the length of the ripples. Turn off the length for larger waves.
    • Speed controls the rate at which the ripples move across the water.
    • Direction sets the direction of the ripple motion. 
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