Skin Touch Up

Skin Touch-up selectively smoothes skin and removes facial blemishes while leaving the rest of the picture untouched. This can save lots of time setting up masks and adjusting facial imperfections.

Place this effect on the clip, use the color picker to select the color of the skin, and click on Show Mask so you can easily see the affect area. Now adjust the Sensitivity fine-tune the selected area. Then turn off Show Mask and adjust Smoothing to touch up the skin.

  • Color sets the color that is to be smoothed.
  • Sensitivity sets the sensitivity of the mask. Adjust this to find the best threshold to separate the skin areas from the rest of the image. You might enable the Show Mask option so you can see the affected area more easily.
  • Smoothing adjusts how much gets smoothed.
  • Enable the Show Mask option to see the image as a black and white mask. This makes it much easier to calibrate the affected area.
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