Day for Night

Uses every trick in the book to make footage shot in daytime really look like night, without tungsten balanced film stock or underexposure in post production.

Place this effect on the clip and click on the Color eyedropper in the Darken Sky group and select the color of the sky. Then increase the Darkness, Sensitivity, and Soften controls to get the sky colors properly adjusted. Next set the Tint color and intensity in the color group to add color tinting and adjust Desaturate to pull out some of the original colors. Finally adjust the Contrast and Brightness to get the final look.

  • The Color group defines special coloring for the main area of the image:
    • Tint color picker selects a color to tint the image. Click the dropper icon to select a color from anywhere on the screen, or click the color box to select from a large spectrum of colors.
    • Tint control determines how much to tint the image with the selected color. Drag the control to the left for less intensity, to the right for more intensity.
    • Desaturate shifts the image from full color on the left, to approaching black and white on the right. The higher the value, the more color is removed from the image.
  • The Light group sets the contrast and brightness for the image:
    • Contrast sets the image contrast. Above 0 increases contrast, for darker darks and lighter lights. Below 0 reduces contrast, resulting in a duller image.
    • Brightness simply adjusts image brightness.
  • The Darken Sky group defines how the sky will be darkened:
    • Color selects a color to to be adjusted by the other Darken Sky group controls.
    • Sensitivity sets the sensitivity of the of the chosen color. Adjust this to find the best threshold to separate out the sky colors.
    • Darkness sets the darkness level of the selected color. Increase this value to make the sky appear darker.
    • Soften blurs the boundaries between processed and unprocessed image.
    • Reverse determines whether to inverse the affected colors. Check this box to make the image appear as a negative.
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