Background Generator

Background Generator magnifies and alters your video image to turn it into a beautiful backdrop, complete with perpetual panning motion.

Place this effect on the clip, adjust the Image section to get the desired look, and then adjust the Motion section to add movement to the background image.

  • The Image group defines the portion of the image to use and how the image will appear:
    • Magnify sets the amount to magnify the area. A value of 0 is no magnification at all. Magnification increases as this value is increased.
    • Blur sets how sharp the image is. With Blur at 0, the image will be perfectly sharp. As you increase Blur, the image gets softer.
    • Color selects a color to tint the image. Click the dropper icon to select a color from anywhere on the screen, or click the color box to select from a large spectrum of colors.
    • Tint determines how much to tint the image with the selected color. Drag the control to the left for less intensity, to the right for more intensity.
    • Saturation adjusts the color strength. At 0, the colors remain unchanged. Turn down Saturation to remove color; turn it up to enhance the colors.
    • Brightness simply adjusts image brightness.
    • Clarity is a special kind of contrast that adjusts the image's dynamic range. Higher values appear crisper and cinematic.
    • Opacity sets the visibility of the background.
  • The Motion group defines the movement that will be applied to the background image:
    • Angle sets the direction of the background movement.
    • Speed sets the speed at which the background will move.
    • Cross Fade adjusts the transition softness between the edges. Higher values are smoother.
    • Start Position sets the position where the image begins.
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