Viewfinder simulates a video camera viewfinder.

Place this effect on the clip, select the items to be displayed, set the resolution and other adjustments for the background image, and if the counter is displayed, set the start time for the counter.

  • The Image group defines how the background image will appear:
  • Tint Color Picker selects a color to tint the image. Click the dropper icon to select a color from anywhere on the screen, or click the color box to select from a large spectrum of colors.
  • Tint determines how much to tint the image with the selected color. Drag the control to the left for less intensity, to the right for more intensity.
  • Resolution sets resolution of the preview image from very pixelated at 0 to completely sharp at 100.
  • B/W changes the preview image to black and white.
  • Sharpen will sharpen the background image.
  • The Overlay group defines the which viewfinder pieces will be overlaid on the image:
  • Record displays the flashing red record indicator.
  • Battery displays the battery life indicator.
  • Safe Area displays the outer safe area indicator.
  • Focus Box displays the inner focus box indicator.
  • Outline displays an outline on all the other indicators.
  • Counter displays the time code indicator.
  • The Time Start group defines the time the time code indicator will start:
    • Hour/Minute/Second sets the hour, minute and second to use when displaying the counter.
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