Progressive Stretch

Progressive Stretch takes a 4:3 (standard definition) video clip and stretches it nicely in a widescreen format with optional cropping. Now it’s easy to cut to standard definition shots without ugly black side bars or sacrificing part of the image. 

Place this effect on the clip, adjust the Crop control to remove any unnecessary information from the top and bottom of the frame, then use the Stretch control to set how the image is stretched.

  • Stretch adjusts how the image is stretched. When Stretch is set to a lower value, there will be less distortion in the center of the image, but more distortion at the edges of the image. As you increase Stretch, the edges become less distorted while the center of the image becomes more distorted. At a value of 100, the image is uniformly stretched to fit the screen.
  • Crop lets you zoom in on the image, removing unnecessary information from the top and bottom of the frame. This can reduce the amount of stretching that is necessary for your image to fit the widescreen frame.
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