Saturation Modifier

Saturation Modifier allows you to define two separate saturation regions in your video and adjust the saturation for each reason independently. This is especially useful if some parts of the video are oversaturated and some parts are undersaturated.

Place the Saturation Modifier effect on your clip. Adjust the Saturation Above control to modify very saturated colors in the image. Next, adjust the Saturation Below control to modify less saturated colors in the image. Adjust the Threshold control to set exactly where the cutoff is between Saturation Below and Saturation Above. Finally, use the Smooth control to smooth the transition between regions.

  • Saturation Above adjusts the saturation of colors above the threshold.
  • Threshold sets the threshold for saturation adjustments.
  • Saturation Below adjusts the saturation of colors below the threshold.
  • Smooth smooths the transition between colors in the image.
  • Enable Show Mask to see the changes in saturation being applied to the image as a black and white mask.
  • The Custom Saturated Color group allows you to specify your own custom color for finer saturation control.
    • The Color control defines what the custom color will be.
    • Gain adjusts the saturation of the custom color.
    • Increase the Range control to allow the Gain to affect colors that are similar to the Custom Color. Leave Range at 0 to have Gain affect only the Custom Color.
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