Saturation EQ

Saturation EQ allows you to fine-tune the saturation in your video by adjusting 8 predefined colors, as well as a custom color of your choosing.

Place the Saturation EQ effect on your clip, then increase or decrease the saturation of different colors in the image by using the 8 color dials. Increase the Smooth control to blend the transition areas between colors. For finer control, use the Eyedropper to define a Custom Color and use the Gain control to adjust its saturation. Use the Range control to adjust how much influence the Custom Color has.

  • Red controls the saturation of Red in the image.
  • Orange controls the saturation of Orange in the image.
  • Yellow controls the saturation of Yellow in the image.
  • Green controls the saturation of Green in the image.
  • Aqua controls the saturation of Aqua in the image.
  • Blue controls the saturation of Blue in the image.
  • Purple controls the saturation of Purple in the image.
  • Magenta controls the saturation of Magenta in the image.
  • Smooth blends the transition area between colors in the image.
  • The Custom Color group allows you to specify your own custom color for finer saturation control.
    • The Color control defines what the custom color will be.
    • Gain adjusts the saturation of the custom color.
    • Increase the Range control to allow the Gain to affect colors that are similar to the Custom Color. Leave Range at 0 to have Gain affect only the Custom Color.
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