3D Blow Apart

3D Blow Apart makes your first clip drop away, then break into a grid that's blown apart as if by wind to reveal your second clip.

Use the controls to change the wind's behavior and pattern.

  • Columns controls the number of vertical columns that appear. Turn the dial to the right for more columns, to the left for fewer columns.
  • Rows controls the number of horizontal rows that appear. Turn the dial to the right for more rows, to the left for fewer rows.
  • Center sets the starting position of the wind.
  • Speed sets the strength of the wind.
  • Depth controls how far back the first scene drops as it starts to be blown apart.
  • Flutter sets the amount of spinning and swirling of the blowing grid pieces.
  • Check the Edges First box to make the outer edges of the first scene fly off first.
  • Check the Reverse box to make the transition run in reverse and assemble together instead of blow apart.

The Drop Shadow group allows you to set the style and position of a shadow in order to make the image parts stand out against the background image the best.

  • Offset sets the distance of the shadow from the object.
  • Angle sets the direction the shadow is cast.
  • Blur controls the width of the shadow edge blur.
  • Color sets the color of the shadow
  • Opacity controls the transparency of the shadow.
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