3D Checker Board

3D Checker Board creates a checkerboard pattern of the first and second scenes, then spins the board with movements you control. The transition begins with the first scene and ends with the second.

Use the controls to customize the checkerboard's behavior.

  • Grid decides how many checkerboard squares to create. Turn the dial to the right for more squares, to the left for fewer squares.
  • Depth controls how close the checkerboard is to the camera. Turn the dial to the right for more depth, to the left for less depth.
  • Check the Rotate box to make the entire checkerboard spin wildly in a full circle before revealing the second scene.
  • Use the Tilt slider and X-Y axes to set the angle of the checkerboard as it transitions from the first scene to the second.
  • Use the Start and End sliders and X-Y Axes to select the approximate square to start and end the transition.
  • Background sets a background scene.
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