Rotating Frames

What it does: Cuts the first scene into cascading frames that spin on a central axis, then reassembles them to reveal the second scene.

How to use it: Use the following controls to adjust the rotating frames characteristics.

  • Shading give the spinning frames a shaded effect. Turn the dial to the left for less shading, to the right for more shading.
  • Frames set the number of frames that are created. Turn the dial to the left for more frames, to the right for fewer frames.
  • Cohesion control the timing of the frames relative to each other. Turn all the way to the left to move the frames one by one. Turn to the right to move the frames increasingly in unison.
  • Depth control how close the frames are to the camera. Turn the dial to the right for more depth, to the left for less depth.
  • Use the Tilt slider or X-Y axes fields to control the angle of the frames.
  • Rotation orient the frames vertically or horizontally.
  • Check the Reverse box to make the frames spin from the bottom upward, uncheck it make them spin from the top downward.
  • Background set a background scene.
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