What it does: Flips the first scene over in a variety of ways, then reveals the second scene on the other side.

How to use it: Use the controls to adjust the characteristics of the flip

  • Distance decide how far away from the camera the flip occurs. Turn the dial to the right to make the flip farther away, to the left to flip closer in.
  • Offset set a center point for the flip axis.
  • Shading give the scene a shaded effect. Turn the dial to the left for less shading, to the right for more shading.
  • Use Orientation to make the flip horizontal or vertical.
  • Check the Clockwise box for a clockwise flip, uncheck it for a counterclockwise flip.
  • Fog give the scene a white glow. Turn the dial to the right for harshest glow, to the right for subtle or no glow.
  • Shine add a metallic sheen to the scene. (This is especially powerful when combined with Fog.)
  • Background set a background scene.
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