What it does: Cloaks the picture in a ghostly colored fog that shines with metallic highlights.

How to use it: Use the controls to adjust the color and behavior of the fog and the metallic effect applied to it.

  • Fog Width set the breadth of the fog. Drag to the right to increase the spread of the glow.
  • Fog Color set the color of the fog.
  • Fog Level set the intensity of the fog.
  • The Blend control mixes the changed image with the original image. When set all the way to the left, only the original image can be seen. Drag to the right to view more of the color melted picture.
  • Shine add a metallic shine to the fog. Drag to the left to reduce the shine, and drag to the right to increase it.
  • Shine Color set the color of the metallic shine.
  • Banding cause the shiny fog to have multiple light and dark ridges. Drag to the right for more of these bands. Drag to the left for fewer bands.
  • The light and dark bands can migrate across the image over the course of time. Use the Motion knob to control the speed of the band motion.
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